Lecture by Peter Roach on Rhythm & Stress timing:Video of the Lecture

Lecture by Peter Roach on Prosody & Intonation:Video of the Lecture

For the beginners in English Phonology, I would recommend the following link:


Download the book on the Glossary of Phonetics & Phonology from the link given below:


Other useful links for Phonetics and Phonology and Speech Analysis

Phonetic Transcription

1. The IPA website has a great tool for listening to the sounds of the IPA.

2. Hear Peter Ladefoged demonstrate the sounds on the IPA chart.

3. Here’s a link to voice coach Paul Meier’s IPA charts.

4. Lecture on Accents and IPA chart: (Click Below)


Acoustic Phonetics

1. Download the Praat speech analysis software package (Recommended)

Learn to use Praat:




2. Or download WaveSurfer – an open sourse tool for sound visualization and manipulation.

3. Listening to native speakers can be very useful in learning native-like accent. A good way to have a native-input is to listen to BBC radio programmes. They surely wouldn’t let you feel boring and your pronunciation-learning will become fun. But how to listen to BBC radio ? Well ! download this application of BBC radio by clicking link here http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/install; and enjoy the experience of learning.

Phonemic Inventories

Sindhi Phonemic Inventory

Urdu consonantal and vocalic sounds

Punjabi Phonemic Inventory

Contrastive Phonology

Contrastive Phonology – transparencies


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